Australian prime minister backs Zionist entity, slams United Nations

February 22, 2017 350 views 0
Australian prime minister backs Zionist entity, slams United Nations

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has expressed strong support for the illegal Zionist entity and slammed a recent United Nations Security Council (UNSC) resolution demanding an end to the illegal construction of illegal Zionist settlements on occupied Palestinian land.


According to Press TV, Turnbull’s all-out support for the Tel Aviv regime came on Wednesday as he hosted Israeli regime Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on his first visit to Australia as part of a publicized effort to expand Israeli ties with Asian governments.


Going out of his way to openly defend the Israeli regime’s policy of expanding settlements in violation of UNSC resolutions, Turnbull censured the world body and pledged to never support “one-sided resolutions.” Australia is not a member of the UNSC.


The UNSC passed a resolution in late December last year, condemning illegal Zionist settlement construction. The vote was made possible because the United States, a frequent supporter of the Israeli regime, uncharacteristically decided to abstain rather than exercise its veto power at the UNSC.

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