A new dynamism infused into bilateral ties : PM Sheikh Hasina

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A new dynamism infused into bilateral ties : PM Sheikh Hasina

Terming her India visit as very “successful and satisfactory”, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Tuesday said that a new level of dynamism has been infused into bilateral ties with India.


“A new dynamism has been infused into bilateral ties in overall way … the multifaceted relations of mutual cooperation, confidence, trustworthiness were further consolidated through it,” she remarked.


The premier made the disclosure in a written statement ahead of questions and answers at a press conference at her official Ganabhaban residence in the capital this afternoon.

She said, “There is no doubt that the visit was successful and satisfactory … nothing happened to be frustrated from it.”


The press conference was convened to brief the media about the outcome of the premier’s visit to India.


PM Sheikh Hasina said Bangladesh is small in comparison to India in geographical boundary and population.


“But we’re equal in the aspects of sovereignty and honour and India has given us that honour . . . it’s the matter of satisfaction and the people of Bangladesh belongs this honour,” she said.

The prime minister said there is nothing’s to be frustrated in this tour. “I never get frustrated and whatever work I take decision that take firmly,” she said.

PM Sheikh Hasina said her aim was in the visit to build regional and bilateral cooperation. “My only aim is to change the fate of the people. We want the development of the country, like that we also want to see the uplift of our neighbours. Otherwise development won’t be durable,” she said.


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