Shakib Khan set to return to Apu Biswas, son;
I think it’s all about my family, my wife and son

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<span style='color:red;font-size:20px;'>Shakib Khan set to return to Apu Biswas, son;</span><br> I think it’s all about my family, my wife and son

The ice seems to have melted between popular Bengali film star Shakib Khan and actress Apu Biswas as the actor yesterday said that he will be accepting Apu as his wife and will start living as a family with their son from the coming Bengali New Year set to commence from the day after tomorrow.


“I might have said things as I was angry yesterday. But now I think it’s all about my family, my wife and my son. I have to stay with them,” Shakib told the media yesterday.


“I lost my temper after seeing my son with his mother revealing our marriage on a live TV show. I was hurt,” said Shakib, the biggest star of the Bangladesh film industry of the present time.


“Apu is the mother of my son. We were together. We were happy. I hope we will remain happy in the future,” he said.
Earlier yesterday, the Bengali movie mega star went angry and said he will accept only his son, not Apu after the latter, in a live show at a private channel, disclosed about their marriage and their having a son.


The revelation was an instant sensation with the local media and took the social media by storm.


Apu revealed that she got married to Shakib at the latter’s Gulshan residence on April 18, 2008. She converted to Islam and took her name as Apu Islam Khan after the marriage, she added. Their son, Abraham Khan Joy, was born at a Kolkata clinic on September 27 last year.


When asked why she took that long to bring these issues to light, a tearful Apu claimed that Shakib made her keep the information of their marriage and son secret for a long time.


“He deceived me at every moment. He asked me to keep our marriage a secret. Even before my shooting for a new movie, I went outside the country during pregnancy as per his wish,” Apu alleged.


“I did everything for the sake of Shakib’s career. But now it has crossed all the limits and I thought I should speak up,” Apu broke down into tears again while speaking.


These made Shakib angry and the star said his relation with Apu was an emotional one and he had not married the actress.


“It is not a marriage; rather it was an emotional affair. But the result of that emotional moment (their son) has no fault. I care for him and I will take responsibility for my son,” Shakib told a private TV channel.


He also claimed that Apu has shown disrespect towards him and that the disclosure is aimed at destroying his acting career.


“This is a conspiracy. I can’t believe she can stoop to such a level to malign me. This is because I dropped her from a movie and preferred another heroine! This is a conspiracy to destroy the film industry,” he said.


“If Shakib khan can be destroyed, the entire film industry will be destroyed with him, and that’s the target of the conspirators,” Shakib added.

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