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People eating more fish but getting less nutrition in Bangladesh

People in Bangladesh are now eating 30% more fish than they did 20 years ago, but they are getting a smaller amount of important nutrients from it, a new study shows.   Fish is widely known as a healthy food, rich in protein and other nutrients, so how can this be? Well, it comes down to the types of fish available for people to eat.   In Bangladesh as in many regions in the world, naturally harvested fish, which is known as capture fisheries, are faltering. A combination of overfishing, pollution and environmental damage has led to significant losses in both quantities of fish (biomass) and the number of fish species (biodiversity) available.   The result is that consumption of fish from capture fisheries in Bangladesh declined by 33% between 1991 and 2010.   This trend is also seen globally. Production from global capture fisheries peaked in ...


Eating meat, chicken may double risk of diabetes : Study

A steady consumption of vegetables, olive oil and moderate amounts of protein will keep you healthy! As consuming animal products and animal meat may double their chance of developing Type-2 diabetes, warns a study.   The findings showed that those participants who consumed higher amounts...


Discharging halitosis

Dr Syed Ahmed Mortada :   Halitosis, bad breath, fetor ex ore or smelly mouth all are related synonyms. As the mouth is worse than the anus, it is no wonder that the teeming millions experience this embarrassing but often unrecognised offensive holocaust by our own systems.   H...

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