Most primary schools in Jessore have no Shaheed Minar

Most primary schools in Jessore district have no Shaheed Minar, a monument to commemorate the martyrs of the Language Movement in 1952.   Eight hundred eighty-five primary schools, out of 1130, do not have their own Shaheed Minar although it is an instruction of the government to observe the International Mother Language Day on February 21 in all educational institutions across the country.   Students of the institutions are being deprived of showing their respect to the martyrs on 21st February as Shaheed Minar has not been built in their institutions even after 65 years of the Language Movement.   But the students of some schools go to faraway Shaheed Minars in other educational institutions to pay respect to the Language Movement heroes.   Sources at the District Primary Education Office there is no Shaheed Minar at 50 out of the 116 primary...


Hilsa abundant during ‘off-season’

Hilsa, a delicious fish, is being caught abundantly in coastal rivers of the district though it is an off-season for such huge catches.   This off-season practice has been prevalent for the last 2-3 years, where fishermen embark on catching hilsa using catapults, electric nets, and other ...


How to prepare against avalanches

Following the fatal avalanche in the French Alpine resort of Tignes, in which at least four people have died, the Foreign Office has issued an emergency number: "If you’re concerned about family members, you can call the local town hall on +33 4 79 40 09 91 for information (English available)." &...

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