Maldives switches focus from climate threat to mass tourism

When Mohamed Nasheed, the young, first democratically elected president of the Maldives, said in 2008 that he was seeking to buy a new homeland to save his people from being inundated by rising sea levels, it made the country of 1,200 coral islands the moral leader in the UN climate talks and helped persuade rich countries to act.   This week the Maldives, under new president Abdulla Yameen, apparently changed environmental tack, saying that mass tourism and mega-developments rather than solar power and carbon neutrality would enable it to adapt itself to climate change and give its young population hope for the future.   As rumours abound that Yameen has been negotiating to sell an entire atoll with 19 coral islands and dozens of reefs and lagoons to the Saudi royal family for $10bn (£8bn), his ministers outlined plans to geo-engineer artificial islands, relocate p...


World-class Pohela Boishakh celebration at Radisson Blu Dhaka

On this 14th April 2017, Radisson Blu Dhaka is once again raising the bar with the Pohela Boishakh Celebration and will be hosting a world class Bengali New Year’s event.   The hotel will be a backdrop of glimmering lights, illuminated drapes and handmade crafts and pottery for three days...


Young girl found living with monkeys in northern India

Police in northern India have rescued a young girl who is believed to have been living with monkeys in the jungle for a number of years.   Doctors at a hospital in Bahraich, south-east of New Delhi, said the girl was gradually shedding her animal-like traits and "becoming human" after she...


Marriage makes you less stressed, more healthy : study

People who are married have lower levels of stress hormone - which can in turn decrease risk of heart diseases as well as cancer - according to a new study that offers more reasons to take your relati...

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